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    Fresh Designs for Woodworking Stylish Scroll Saw Projects to Decorate Your Home

    Fresh Designs for Woodworking Stylish Scroll Saw Projects to Decorate Your Home

    Автор:Thomas Haapapuro
    Название:Fresh Designs for Woodworking Stylish Scroll Saw Projects to Decorate Your Home
    Издатель :Fox Chapel Publishing
    Год :2012
    Язык :English
    Формат: PDF
    Страниц: 133
    8.5 мб
    Written specifically for the woodworker seeking new adventures in the world of wood. Awaken your modern design aesthetic with 21 striking contemporary designs for the home.
    The fusion of nature's elegant shapes and modern architecture's bold symmetry yields a dynamic and engaging collection of designs for scroll saw woodworking. Your imagination will be captured by the bold lines, sinuous curves, and captivating shapes of these dynamic pieces. Patterns, easy-to-understand instructions, and step-by-step photography make crafting these projects attainable, no matter your skill level. Perfect for beginners looking to progress their scroll saw abilities with interesting and compelling projects; learn the ropes of scroll sawing with seven step-by-step photo-illustrated instructional projects. Advanced woodworkers can master joinery, 3D cutting, and inlay with advanced projects such as Nesting Boxes, the Zigzag Business Card Holder, and the Flower Abstraction Wall Mirror. The chapter on designing your own patterns means you'll never again be without a project to create. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, no woodworker's library is complete without this dynamic book. Each completed project is a conversation piece, and you'll have a constant stream of visitors who won't be able to resist picking up these engaging works of art. Inside, find everything you need to create these exciting and dynamic projects?New York City Wall Art, Beautiful Branches Wall Art, Cat-shaped Mantle Clock, Retro Modern Wall Clock, Radial Design Box, Oak Leaf Box, Flower bud vases, Business card holders, Picture frames, And more!

    Категория: Выпиливание из фанеры | Добавил: xBOINGx (31.03.2015)
    Просмотров: 1016 | Теги: Scroll, Stylish, Decorate, projects, fresh, designs, saw, Your, Woodworking, Home | Рейтинг: 0.0/0
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